A Mobile Costume Booth perfectly designed for Corporate and Private Events.

Dress-Up Booth

Welcome to the world of Mrs Peacock’s dress-up fun. We are a mobile costume service, specialising in a range of entertaining party ideas. The popular Mrs Peacock’s Dress-up Booth is great for office parties, corporate events and special celebrations.

Come join us in the art of playing dress-ups! We are experienced costumiers, and very skillful at choosing the right character for each guest, young or old, big or small, shy or bold. You will rejoice as you watch your colleagues and friends transform from one character into another. Our service is a guaranteed ice breaker and bonding experience for all.

“Mrs Peacock’s had a no fuss attitude as they helped create such a fun environment for work colleagues to have a good time, and let their hair down. The array of costumes provided constant entertainment, non stop fun. I have never heard so many laughs and squeals from a work function as I did that night! It was a brilliant evening and one the Sunshades team will never forget.”

Rachel Hughes, Sunshades Eyewear.

Mrs Peacock’s Dress-Up Booth boasts an exquisite collection of theatrical dress-ups created over years in the entertainment industry. Our costumes are ornate, indulgent and sometimes ridiculous.


Dress-Up Booth
Dress-Up Booth

Guests can choose their own outfits- a head-dress, a boa, a cape or a full outfit from head to toe. Two costumed wardrobe mistresses, the Peacock sisters, fuss over and pamper guests all night long. Most pieces are designed to wear over normal clothes.

Once dressed up, guests can pose for photographs in the oversized picture frame, enjoy their new character on the dance floor or over dinner, and then come back to get changed all over again!

The booth bursts with costumes in a range of themes- Carnivale- Glamour- Futuristic- Burlesque- Arabian- Historical & many more. We can also theme the booth to suit your specific event.

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